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By: Tharanketha Kirupaneshan   Imagine a house that could fit in a suitcase or a wall that could become a window with the flick of a switch. A new material has been developed that could potentially make shape-shifting buildings a reality. This object’s configuration is inspired by an origami technique known as ‘snapology’, in which … Continue reading

Golden Orb spider silk

Though humans learned to spin silk very early from silk worms (as early as 3400 BC, the technique of spinning silk from spiders came during the  late 19th century. This method had all but perished  due to the inability to compete with the Chinese silk market produced from silk worm.Therefore the skill faded into obscurity … Continue reading

Morphotex by Tie-in

Morphotex manufactured by Tejin in Japan is an interesting innovative textile which plays off of light and requires no dyes or pigments while saving tones of water and energy. This biomimicry inspired textile plays on the micro-structure of the wind structure of  South American  Morpho butterfly. The Morpho butterfly is one of the largest in the world … Continue reading

Páramo Clothing – NIKWAX ANALOGY waterproof

I found Páramo to be a holistically a very interesting company. Inspired by natures natural abilities Páramo implements technologies to biomimic some of nature’s most impressive features.          Páramos Analogy pump liner mimics the actions of animal fur by pushing liquid/water outward to protect the wearer from rain condensation and perspiration while protecting … Continue reading

Jason Dressler – Brothers Dressler

Jason Dressler who is a material-based designer of Brothers Dressler came to our class on the 26th of October to talk to us about the work that they do. The produce a variety of wood based furniture ranging from your typical furniture of seating, tables, lighting, storage, and beds to special projects such as bars, … Continue reading

Enviromental Audit Report – Ford Motor Company

The Ford Motor Company was founded in 1903 by Henry Ford, who revolutionized consumerism, and is now one of the largest automotive manufacturing company and a leader in the field of sustainability. In the past decade, Ford has gone through drastic changes in regard to sustainability from their use of materials, manufacturing techniques, and waste … Continue reading

Cabinet Display- NAFI Natural

Fiber – NAFI Natural NAFI Natural is a fiber panel that is made with post-consumer recycled polymers, and fibers such as jute, and hemp which are both rapidly renewable resources. Mixed with a bio-based resin, these architectural panels comes in both a rigid and semi-rigid form. When mixed with a water based acrylic resin, it … Continue reading

Environmental Audit: IKEAs BILLY bookcase

By Kajsa Logan-Müller BILLY A life cycle analysis The BILLY bookcase from IKEA is one of the brands most popular pieces of furniture, that over the course of the past 36 years has been sold in over 41 million copies all over the world. To say that they are copies is a bit of a lie … Continue reading


Cork is a truly fascinating material. It can be found in our everyday lives as wine stoppers, pet habitats and pin boards. The material has become more popular and is being used as flooring and in fashion. Cork shoes have been popular and now there is even cork fabric being used on purses and clothing. … Continue reading

Audit Report- Engagement Ring

De Beers Jewellery Company are the reason we buy diamond engagement rings, they started an ad campaign in the 1930’s that has since been considered one of the most successful ad campaigns in history. Overall the company has had a lot of issues. The company, up until 1999, was still purchasing conflict diamonds. They have … Continue reading