Materials + Sustainability Poster Exhibition

There is a Materials + Sustainability Poster Exhibition at OCADU this week only 25th – 29th November. The work shows examples from student posters on innovative sustainable materials as well as Sustainable Material Specification sheets and Eco Labelling. The show is on at Level 2 outside the Fiber studio, do come and see! Digital copies … Continue reading

The Making of Amate Paper- or Barkskin as it’s called in it’s re-branding.

Hello all, It’s Maxyne, Although in Spanish, this video covers the entire process developed and sustained by the Otomi people for over 700 years of the making the traditional paper from the Amate tree. Now rebranded as Barkskin, it has been re introduced into the market as a new product, any one who was around … Continue reading

The Future in Wild Silk.

This article expands on the sustainable notion that ” wild silk” can be developed, rather than the traditional bombyx silk worm. There are over 500 types of silkworms found around the world. Each has it’s own unique properties. It is in lew of a sample from Treenway Silk. Their samples are in production, and we … Continue reading

What is ECOR?

ECOR is the brand that has created a sustainable fiber material that is used as an alternative to wood, plastic, composites and aluminium. Through the process of combining fiber, water heat and pressure, a formaldehyde, petroleum, chemical and toxic free fiber board is created. This fiber board is engineered for maximum strength, while also being … Continue reading

The Making of a silk orchid rug.

- This video takes you through the designers process in sourcing and fabricating a Silk Orchid Rug. These rugs are made by reweaving historical and used silk sari’s . It is in place of a sample, that was unatainable. The company is based in Toronto, In case you wish to visit.

Organic dyeing

This film presents the colors prevalent in the everyday life of a master dye craftsman. Yoshioka Sachio is the next family heir in a long line of master dye craftsmen continuing back to the Edo period of Kyoto, Japan. 1950’s Japan had little regard for the environment which caused much frustration with the then college-aged … Continue reading

Sustainable screen-printing

Mend’s screen-printed canvas totes are created with Lumi Co.’s innovative printing system. It uses no water, little electricity and only the sun to develop the images on the bags. This process, unique to Mend and its workspace in Uganda, allows the program to be eco-friendly and revolutionary. A beautiful mix of social and artistic projects … Continue reading

Arboform – the biodegradable plastic

This is a film showing the material Arboform — a material made from wood that can be processed like plastic. And unlike plastic, it’s biodegradable. That won the two entrepreneurs the 2010 European Inventor Prize. Posted by Ami Olin Nordenmarker

Kebony Sustanible Wood

Kebony is modified wood produced in a patented process that enhances the wood’s properties. The wood becomes harder, formstabilare and more durable. The fluid used in the process contains a biologically based substance that strengthens the cell structure. The process involves the following four steps: 1 / ingredients are mixed according to a patented recipe … Continue reading

Paper and Sustainability

This short documentary illustrates how the paper industry operates and raises the sustainability questions. Also raises an important question of validity of the eco labels: And an interesting take on oil consumption and questions raised about that: