Reuse from a Bi-product of cooking

4.  Re use from a Bi-product of cooking

Company : Joo Soap

This soap is very sustainable in that it repurposes a bi-product of everyday cooking waste into a new use. Used cooking oil is something that most of us discard on a daily bases, and if this can be made into something new it becomes a sustainable waste management system. This process takes away high amounts of waste, especially from commercial uses of cooking oil. Also when mixed with very conventional everyday materials it can be mass-produced for a wide audience and range of people to use the soap. What is interesting is that the method of making this soap has been open sourced on YouTube, which showing that this company cares about the over all impact of the product , rather than making a huge amount of profit.

posted by ; Amir.Z

One Response to “Reuse from a Bi-product of cooking”
  1. materialslab says:

    Hi Amir,
    Same comment as previous about the need for actual vimeos to be embedded.

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