Paper Waste Make from Bricks

The University of Jaen in Spain has creates an affordable and eco-friendly way to make paper bricks. The bricks are made from paper waste; the by-products of paper mills, sludge from waste water purification processes. The bricks are created in less time than typical building materials. The paper is mixed to produce clay, pressurized and extruded in one long piece. The bricks are cut to size and baked. They are low thermal conductivity, which gives them good insulation properties. The bricks are still being developed and have low mechanical strength. Furthermore, researchers want to develop incorporating sewage sludge and waste from brewing to the bricks. The video demonstrates the different processes of how the bricks are made and tested. Furthermore, how they are progressing forward to create a more sustainable and strong brick.

Julia Remondini

One Response to “Paper Waste Make from Bricks”
  1. materialslab says:


    Good to see the process and raises an interesting challenge of strength in the finished material. The natural fiber composites industry faced a similar problem a decade ago but are now overcoming it so it is used in transport and engineering applications as well as design. I’m sure they will work this problem out also.

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