Kebony Sustanible Wood

Kebony is modified wood produced in a patented process that enhances the wood’s properties. The wood becomes harder, formstabilare and more durable. The fluid used in the process contains a biologically based substance that strengthens the cell structure. The process involves the following four steps:
1 / ingredients are mixed according to a patented recipe using a liquid extracted from biological waste products in agriculture.
2 / The wood is pressure impregnated with the liquid.
3 / The wood is heated and chemical polymerized, which permanently alters the cell structure.
4 / Excess liquid is recycled and reused in the production process.

Poster by: Ami Olin Nordenmarker

One Response to “Kebony Sustanible Wood”
  1. materialslab says:

    Nice example but also raising questions. I wonder what temperature is needed for polymerisation to occur and the overall energy use in production for instance?

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