Cork Insulation Yet another great alternative to traditional plastic based or fiber glass insulations, cork does not require the entire tree to be cut down for harvest, rather one can peel the material away. Similar to cork tiling, where the material is mulched, and then pressed and bonded together, cork insulation instead uses steam applied in … Continue reading

Cellulose Insulation

Made from recycled paper, another less toxic alternative to fiberglass insulation. Fire resistance is maintained with natural boric acid. This also fends off mold, wood decay and corrosion.

Bark Shingles

Bark house specializes in bark shingle production as a chemical free, treatment free alternative to vinyl siding and cedar shingles. Lasting for up to 75 years, bark acts as a natural insulant and can be sourced from timber industry waste.

Oregon Shepard PermaLoft

Based in Oregon, Oregon Shepard produces a natural alternative to toxic, petroleum based spray and batt insulation. Manufactured from sheep wool cut offs unsuitable for clothing, the wool is naturally insect, fire and mold resistant. An additional spray coating on the wool in production enhances these resistance qualities. This spray coating of borate is chemically … Continue reading


The first flax aka sustainable natural fibre that has the potential to revolutionize the textile industry. Grown in farms, the flax is spun into yarn, Crailar Flax Fibre drastically reduces chemical and water usage. Designated as a 100% BioPreferred product by the USDA in April 2012. Clean record from dirt to shirt concludes with fabrics … Continue reading


“Grown not Manufactured” High performance material. A combination of Agricultural waste and fungal mycelium creates the mushroom material. Mycelium is a natural, self-assembling glue, digesting crop waste to produce cost-competitive and environmentally responsible materials that perform. Mushroom materials start with plant-based farm waste and can end up in your garden, fully compostable. Crade to Cradle … Continue reading


The company QMilk (Spelled in German as Qmilch) developed a bopolymer consisting of the milk protein casein. 1.7 Million tons of milk is disposed of annually because it is no longer good for digestion. However, there are valuable components within the content that can be extracted and, in turn, create a completely different purpose for … Continue reading


>Natural evolution of the concrete structure >Eco-friendly system >Groundbreaking design that achieves huge spans between supports >30-50 cm are saved per floor; reducing all corresponding vertical building elements >10-20% saving in facades and indoor enclosures + 10-20% reduction in pillars and load bearing walls >Reduces concrete consumption by a calculated position creating it in the … Continue reading


Kebony is an award-winning alternative to tropical hardwood and preservative treated wood. It is non-toxic, easily maintained, beautiful and environmentally-friendly. >Resistant to decay and therefore cost effective due to long lifespan >Impressive product range >Featured as the fundamental material of KREOD in London created by Chun Qing Li, Managing Director of Pavillion Archiecture >By Norweigian … Continue reading