Worlds strongest material and flexible technology

The science and technology community has been buzzing  since 2004 due to the creation of Graphene,  an innovative new substance that has a molecular structure of pure carbon, which forms a nearly transparent sheet only one atom thick. Graphene is particularly reputed for being extremely flexible, strong and lightweight. Despite being so thin and flexible It’s … Continue reading


Researchers at MIT Media Lab are exploring the connection between digital and fabrication by using silkworms to construct pavilions. The project was inspired by the silkworms ability to create their strong three-dimensional cocoons. The primary structure was designed using CNC algorithms to place single threads of silk to create 26 polygon ‘panels’. 6,500 silkworms were … Continue reading

Flexible Love Chair (David Joohan Yun 2435121)

GREEN CREDENTIALS Crafted from recycled paper and wood, this makes a green choice. Seats up to 8 – in natural earth brown and finished in clear gloss. CLEVER DESIGN Made with a honeycomb structure that allows it to be stretched and curved into an array of shapes. With handles for easy movement. AS SEEN IN … Continue reading

3D Food Printers (by Katrina Luo)

The most innovative dessert printer we’ve seen yet ! 3D printing technique has took a step further in the food industry, there are numbers of 3D food printers on the market, but most simply create shapes from pre-prepared ingredients. However, one 3D printing company has gone in a different direction, it does not limit to already-process … Continue reading

Synthetic Plant Respiration: A revolution in Space Travel

     One of the most hindering obstacles in the way of making long-distance space reality is the fact that plants cannot grow in zero gravity, this means that we have no sustainable way of producing oxygen in space over extended periods of time. However, a student at the Royal College of Arts in the … Continue reading


  Founded in 2006 by the British Fashion Council, Estethica promotes sustainable fashion practices at London Fashion Week. In the West Wing of Somerset House, eleven of Britain’s top sustainable designers will showcase their work in a designated sustainable area. During past LFW, a variety of designers have showcased their collections; People Tree Atelier, Ada Zandition, … Continue reading

Bent Wood Vault By KVA

In Massachusetts, US an elementary day school has found a way to incorporate a form of sustainable material and achieve a 3-D form that is sculptural. Beaver Country Day School has designed a bent wood vault at the school’s main entry as a circulation corridor piece. Through a 3-D software, Kennedy & Violich Architecture has found a technology that … Continue reading

“TALK”: Digital Design for Future Museums

The talk on Digital Design for Future Museums, touches upon the idea of revolutionizing the experience between the visitor and the piece of art. The purpose of a museum is to communicate to the greater community and to allow participation, however for many years it was not seen as a place where any interaction could … Continue reading