Bent Wood Vault By KVA

In Massachusetts, US an elementary day school has found a way to incorporate a form of sustainable material and achieve a 3-D form that is sculptural. Beaver Country Day School has designed a bent wood vault at the school’s main entry as a circulation corridor piece. Through a 3-D software, Kennedy & Violich Architecture has found a technology that transforms industrially processed plywood that is flattened into sheets, into woven wood members, allowing for a  transformative and dynamic intervention. This wood vault spans between the main circulation corridor, lobby, and entry and doubles as a canopy for the reception area. This spatial element was built in just 4 days which lowered many costs. This flat form did not rely on non-standard material pieces or wasteful ways of materializing to adhere to the complex geometry like mould making or the grid shell, but instead was made into a sculptural element using it’s raw state. The aging process also contributes to the reduction in costs and maintenance due to the nature of how woods are. With that said, the longevity of this sculpture’s lifespan is automatically elongated.

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Here is a link of how the sculpture was constructed over a span of 4 days:

Kimeley Kan

One Response to “Bent Wood Vault By KVA”
  1. momahony2014 says:

    Hi Kimeley, So glad that you picked up on this, KVA are such good architects consistently innovative and with a sustainable and social benefit perspective. Do try to include some of your own voice in future entries. This is a good description of what it is, but whatdo you think about it? Are there others that it compares with etc. No need to revise this, its a good start.

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