Founded in 2006 by the British Fashion Council, Estethica promotes sustainable fashion practices at London Fashion Week. In the West Wing of Somerset House, eleven of Britain’s top sustainable designers will showcase their work in a designated sustainable area. During past LFW, a variety of designers have showcased their collections; People Tree Atelier, Ada Zandition, Beautiful Soul London, Katrien Van Hecke, Liora Lassalle, Phannatiq, Auria, Mich Dulce, Pachacuti, Bottletop, and Sonya Kashmiri. These designers have dedicated their practices to making sure their collection are sustainable. In order to comply with the requirements that Estethica has established, the designer must include at least one of the following principles: includes organic fibres/the use of up-cycled or recycled fabrics and materials; includes organic fibres or the use of recycled/up-cycled materials.


More than 100 designers in over 20 countries have shown support to Estethica. Moving forward in design, this is an excellent way to make sure designers are responsible for their designs. The sustainable topic is often overlooked by many as fashion is directly related to beauty. It’s masking when a designer showcases their newest collection, beautiful garment after beautiful garment. An immediate reaction from someone seeing a collection for the first time would not necessarily be questioning if someone used organic fibres, or how much of the garment came from a recycled source. I think as a designer, it would be such an accomplishment to present a beautiful collection and know you did it in the most sustainable way possible. Fashion empowers people in a beautiful way. The work of Estethica is wonderful, and I hope it continues to inspire other designers as well as other Fashion Councils. For more information, check out the British Fashion Council’s website.

Published by: Dayna Saba

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  1. momahony2014 says:

    Good to see this included here, a really important movement and worth keeping an eye on.

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