Pros of Reusable Cloth Diapers

(by. Heeyoon Kim) credit: Michael Graham Richard It is more environmentally friendly than disposable diapers. As Katherine wrote on TreeHugger: “The average baby goes through 5,000-8,000 diapers until being toilet-trained. The United States alone produces 18 billion dirty diapers annually, thanks to the eighty percent of parents who use disposables. These 18 billion diapers add up to … Continue reading

Fibre Panel – NylonPrime (by: Katrina Luo)

NylonPrime is a molded composite panel from recycled carpet. Natural(wool) and synthetic(nylon 6 and nylon 6.6) fibres from post consumer carpet is bonded using a synthetic resin (non-urea formaldehyde) with heat and pressure to create rigid paneling for construction. The panels have good compressive and impact strength, and water, mold and rot resistant, may be … Continue reading

Fireclay Tile – Design Video

Kalyn Teeling

Ecooler – Natural Cooling System

Ecooler is a ceramic product created by Studio Kahn in Israel. The modules connect to create a screen that cools air as it flows through. This provides homes and other spaces with a method for natural cooling that does not require any electricity, making it far more sustainable than the methods often used in hot climates … Continue reading

Edible Packaging (by Yoonhye Kim)

As people around the world is aware of the environment, there are more products getting invented that are ‘green,’ this means reduction of materials, chemical use and much more. But one of the most wasteful things are packaging. The packaging is important when it comes to selling the product, it act as an advertisement tool which … Continue reading



Published By: Dayna Saba


QMilk turns spoiled milk into bio-tectile fabric that competes with cotton. A German company by the name of QMilch Germany GmbH started manufacturing prototypes for this new antimicrobial, flame resistant fibre made out of milk. It is super soft and is 100% biodegradable, created only with renewable resources, produces zero waste and can be used … Continue reading

Ethical Fashion– it also can be good for us! (by Heeyoon Kim)

Here I am spreading a fashion designer& fashion blogger Ana Wang’s words why ethical fashion is good for us, consumers, as well as the producers. 1. the pursuit of ethical fashion exercises our awareness As a designer, not only knowing about clothes, but also how to make them and what the industry is up to … Continue reading

Flax Tape (by. Heeyoon Kim)

Unidirectional flax fibre tapes innovated in Belgium. All data including safety and mechanical guide are also available at their website. This could be a great alternative to carbon and glassfibre since it is lighter and stronger and requires less resin.