Waste-free Food Packaging

A Swedish design group Tomorrow Machine, are creating food wrappers that can change shape to double as a dish or bowl, and packaging that’s meant to be composted or washed down the drain.


The newer This Too Shall Pass concept series falls under that second approach. In it, the package is designed to naturally decompose or to dissolve in water. The hypothetical line has three foods: Basmati rice, olive oil, and a raspberry smoothie. The whole point to the project, Glansén says, is finding an alternative to plastic. “The good thing about plastic is that it does not react with other materials very easily,” she says. “But that is also the bad thing about plastic, because it means that it makes the natural decomposition process difficult.”


Tomorrow Machine’s first invention was the Sustainable Expanding Bowl. A biodegradable, cellulose wrapper fits snugly around freeze-dried food. Pour hot water into a spout, and not only will the food insta-cook, the wrapper will blossom open and morph into a bowl. The bowl is still a prototype, but we’ve seen a similar technology in action already: last year a team at MIT rolled out so-called 4-D printing, in which objects can intelligently assemble into new, useful shapes.

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Published by: Mona Abada

One Response to “Waste-free Food Packaging”
  1. momahony2014 says:

    I love it! I wonder how long before it is in production. It would be great to have in the library.


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