Recycled coffee grounds as a new textile (by Yoonhye Kim)

In Taiwan, Jason Chen who is the founder of Taiwanese textile manufacturer called Singtex. In the previous years, the company have been creating synthetic fabrics that are used in outwear brands. Based on his experience of hearing ‘smelling bad’ comment from his wife, he thought of an idea to create a new textile using recycled coffee grounds. In 2005, the company direction changed to creating a fabric that is more environmentally friendly and sustainable. The company would use coffee grounds that have been used or getting thrown out from coffee shops. Then to continue with the environmentally friendly idea, the company would use CO2 extractor technology to separate certain particles such as master batches from the coffee grounds. This will be used to weave a fabric, which would have ability such as fast drying, UV-protection and most importantly odor control for person like Jason Chen who has thought of this idea based on wanting to have a good smell. Also, this extracting process can separate coffee oil from coffee grounds which can be made into cosmetics as well. This new technology is called S.Cafe®. This S.Cafe® fabric have been certified by Bluesign® for which it is proven to be eco-friendly.



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