Ethical Fashion– it also can be good for us! (by Heeyoon Kim)

Here I am spreading a fashion designer& fashion blogger Ana Wang’s words why ethical fashion is good for us, consumers, as well as the producers.

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1. the pursuit of ethical fashion exercises our awareness

As a designer, not only knowing about clothes, but also how to make them and what the industry is up to is her responsibility, Ana Wang says. Knowing the impacts of production on environment and economy opens us up and lead us to make responsible choices in our lives.

2. Demonstration of fairness

Buying ethical is often more expensive than fast fashion. However, price is based on production cost. “As an example, fast fashion has devalued the worth in paying our own skilled workers because we’ve gotten used to $19.99 tops. A $19.99 top isn’t feasible to make locally, but because we’ve gotten to a point where we expect it, we think that anything above that isn’t worth it. We cannot afford to pay our own skilled workers and thus we’ve devalued clothing’s true worth. The consumption of goods is a transaction in value and choosing to spend more on ethical fashion is a demonstration that we recognize the fair value of what people create.”

3. Demonstration of faith in community.

We feel more fulfilled, more connected, more powerful when we support a bigger purpose together.

4. It also forces us to be stronger in our convictions

Sustainability means more than using the locally produced or fair trade goods. It also means moving away from disposability. It requires the consumers to be comfortable with “spending more on less”. In other words, we consumers have to be more confident about who we are, what we want, our styles and tastes, and what we stand for. When we understand and be comfortable with those things, they become a part of positive mindsets regarding sustainability and ourselves.

5. the pursuit of ethical fashion cultivates artistic and cultural sensitivity.

We learn to appreciate the processes both rational and intuitive processes for creating something. We learn to value every processes and thoughts through out. “Art and culture and the consumption of it add depth and value to our lives. Fashion can do the same if we let it be more than a disposable habit and really start to value the worth in art and design.”

One Response to “Ethical Fashion– it also can be good for us! (by Heeyoon Kim)”
  1. momahony2014 says:

    Hi Heeyoon,
    Some good words there and all makes sense when you think about it. If you were to take one idea from this and apply it to your work what would it be? Why?

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