“Worthless into Worthwhile”- The Campana Brothers. (By: Susana Angel)

Inspired by Brazilian street life and carnival culture, Humberto and Fernando Campana combine found everyday objects to create an exciting approach to design. By using unexpected combinations of found materials such as scraps of wood, rubber hoses, tissue paper, string, furs and fabrics, they transform mundane materials into objects that celebrate the discarded and are inspired with the spirit of contemporary Brazil. They’re challenge is to transform something worthless into something worthwhile.


Their very acclaimed “Favela” Chair, handmade and created with pieces of scraps of pinewood fitting piece-by-piece into one another according to their forms blends the practical usability with emotional enchantment. This piece is a perfect representation of the Campana’s invention process. It combines the observation of the Brazilian environment surrounding them, in this case the observation of the favelas housing complex with a handmade process.

1With this object they try to solve a problem related to the disposal of a material that would not be usable anymore, throughout the sustainability concept.


One Response to ““Worthless into Worthwhile”- The Campana Brothers. (By: Susana Angel)”
  1. momahony2014 says:

    I do like the Campana brothers. Its a great example of how upcycling can allow for the whole design to be based on it. We are well overdue an exhibition of their work in Toronto I think.

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