QMilk turns spoiled milk into bio-tectile fabric that competes with cotton. A German company by the name of QMilch Germany GmbH started manufacturing prototypes for this new antimicrobial, flame resistant fibre made out of milk. It is super soft and is 100% biodegradable, created only with renewable resources, produces zero waste and can be used to make clothing and home textile. The fabric is edible, but does not taste very good. This idea came about with the statistic that almost 2 million tons of milk in Germany is disposed of every year. The discarded milk is no longer suitable for consumption, but still contains very valuable components and is an extremely valuable resource that offers great potential technical purposes. Their vision is to revolutionize the milk market through unique concepts.

The idea of reusing spoiled milk seemed almost unheard of. Many people in present day don’t give a second thought about throwing spoiled milk away, what are we to do with it anyway? This foundation has found many farmers and agricultural employees all over the world to support their foundation. The process of transforming spoiled milk into usable material takes place in a kitchen, which is amazing. It brings up questions like the new type of technology needed for this process or the amount of energy needed, but the overall concept of using spoiled milk is fascinating.

Kimeley Kan

One Response to “QMilk”
  1. momahony2014 says:

    Hi Kimeley,
    That’s pretty cool! Would love to see pics, can you add one in?

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