Ecooler – Natural Cooling System



Ecooler is a ceramic product created by Studio Kahn in Israel. The modules connect to create a screen that cools air as it flows through. This provides homes and other spaces with a method for natural cooling that does not require any electricity, making it far more sustainable than the methods often used in hot climates that are far less suited to the environment, e.g. glass facades and air conditioners.

“Ecooler is a ceramic natural cooling system. The Ecooler system consisted of hollow ceramic tiles. It Is filled with water and cools the space around it by seepage and evaporation of water. The system maintains the humidity, creates a relaxing atmosphere and adds the element of water flow in the house. This system maintains a harmonious bond with the interior and exterior, or between spaces and creates a breathing screen between man and his environment”

The design for this product is a more vernacular approach to cooling spaces. Whilst it is a modern product, it has elements that are reminiscent of the traditional, and its inspiration was drawn from traditional methodologies.


The concept for this design was inspired by Jara Jugs, originally used to cool water, and traditional mashrabiya tiles which were used to create perforated facades allowing airflow into homes, while keeping the sun out.


Warm air flows through the screen and it is cooled by the cold ceramic.

This material is available on the MaterialConnexion Database:


MC# 6950-01

Studio Kahn Website:אקולר/


Kalyn Teeling

One Response to “Ecooler – Natural Cooling System”
  1. momahony2014 says:

    wow, what a neat idea! I have heard of water used to cool ceilings but not used for walls or decoratively. Very clever.

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