Bencore! Composite panels for architecture. By: Susana Angel

Bencore® is a reference point for architects and designers looking for innovative materials for interior applications, their products vary from the patented composite, translucent panel, characterized by lightweight, stiffness, translucency and design.        With successful interior applications products like Lightben acustic, Hexaben, Starlight and Ecoben wave, designers are able to develop beautiful and durable panels, … Continue reading


(by heeyoon) Lyocell is a manmade fiber derived from cellulose. Lyocell is created by a solvent spinning technique, and the cellulose undergoes no significant chemical change. There are high demands of lyocell in women’s apparel industry. The main ingredient of lyocell is cellulose, a natural polymer found in the cells of all plants. The cellulose … Continue reading

3D- Printed Hearts (by: Katrina Xingyi Luo)

In November 19, researcher in the American Heart Association presented a replicas of the human heart that are made on 3D printers. This could help save babies’ lives, the researcher suggested. Heart surgery is always very complex, specially when the patient is baby. First of all, size of the heart is very tiny, and secondly, … Continue reading

(Yoonhye Kim) Bananas as 3D printing material

This article is about a person that have used bananas as 3D printing material. As someone who have used 3D print before. Using organic materials to 3D print sounded amazing. For personal experience, i always thought that only limited types of material could be used for 3D printing, but use of banana to 3D print … Continue reading

Neri Oxman: Printing A Revolution

The Carpal Skin “Carpal Skin is a prototype for a protective glove to protect against Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, a medical condition in which the median nerve is compressed at the wrist, leading to numbness, muscle atrophy, and weakness in the hand. Night-time wrist splinting is the recommended treatment for most patients before going into carpal … Continue reading

Green Seal Certified! By:Susana Angel

Green Seal is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to safeguarding the environment and transforming the marketplace by promoting the manufacture, purchase, and use of environmentally responsible products and services. Green seal maintains a strong Standard by considering the total environmental impact of a product and reduce that impact while maintaining the same performance and quality … Continue reading

Sustainability within H&M

H&M is a large international clothing company that originated in Sweden that has now taken over 53 countries as of 2013. It is ranked the second largest clothing retailer. With its large influential platform in every country, the company started a sustainability line that is affordable and attractive to as many people as possible. The … Continue reading

Timo Rissanen’s Workshop

Timo Rissanen is a current professor from Parsons The New School for Design known for his methods in zero waste fashion. Required for the workshop was a garment that students no wanted and through examples of Timo’s work, students were to repurpose the garment in some sort. Students had the choice of repurposing the garment … Continue reading

(Yoonhye Kim) Bandages made of edible starch- dissolve on your skin once you’re healed

Bandages are a neccessary item that you need to put on when you get hurt. But once the scar is heal, you have to take it out. Because of its sticky material that is put on the skin, when you take them out it hurts. Something you don’t want to have when you still have … Continue reading


  Suzanne Lee, the creator behind BioCouture, which is a London-based design consultancy that is pioneering the use of bio-materials for the fashion, sportswear and luxury sectors. Suzanne Lee makes fabrics using living things. “I am a bio-couturist,” she says. “I bring biological processes together with couture techniques.” The first material she adapted — bacterial cellulose — … Continue reading