Clothing That’s Fair Trade, Zero Waste

Cambodia-based eco-fashion brand, Tonle, are all about zero-waste production. They are currently the largest ethical apparel brand in the country, offering fair wages and a secure working environment. About 90% of their materials are recycled from factories and 10% are from sustainable suppliers with the aim of having a minimal environmental footprint and maximum social benefit. Their production methods are said to save 22,046 pounds of materials from ending up in landfills in comparison to the average manufacturer. The garments are made by hand using natural dyes and printmaking techniques. The brand is also completely transparent about who makes the products and have published a collection of photos and bios of all the people who are a part of the process. By doing this, I think it creates a more intimate relationship between the consumer and the maker and helps to remind us of the importance of knowing where are clothes come from. While being sustainable, Tonle also economically benefits the community, providing jobs for many of the females within the community. With clothes and fashion being more and more apart of our lives, I think it is extremely important to know the process of how is it being made and who is involved in the process. However, sadly, I feel as though nowadays something being cheaply and quickly made always out weighs the more ethical solution in such a consumer driven society. I think that people have become so distracted by technology and consumerism that all that matters to them is the end product, what is front of them. People often forget and never wonder about how the product was manufactured, what materials and chemicals it involves, or if it was produced under unethical conditions. We wear clothes every single day of our lives and we say it is a thing that represents who “we are” as a person as it expresses our “individuality”, but by wearing clothes that are produced in such unethical ways with unethical materials, does that mean we are okay with it?

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Tonle has been featured on kickstarted in hopes to launch their brand in North America, here is a link to what Tonle is all about

One Response to “Clothing That’s Fair Trade, Zero Waste”
  1. momahony2014 says:

    I hesitate to say I don’t see the poster’s name here but I don’t see it. Good post and opinion. Rachel McHenry has some beautiful hand dyed yarns and fabric from India that she will share with us in a talk next semester so do come to that.

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