Cradle to Cradle

Cradle to Cradle is a non-profit organization where most of it’s funding comes from donations and administers the Cradle to Cradle certification as a product standard. There are many benefits to this organization, one being that Cradle to Cradle really considers the lifecycle of products and what happens to them after they are deemed “useless” or “broken”. I feel as though they are a very considerate organization in terms of being sustainable in a sense that they understand the value in being truly sustainable. From the method of delivery down to the last second the product leaves a person’s home. Cradle to Cradle is very considerate of material health, the reutilization of materials, renewable energy and carbon management which are all important elements to keep the earth a healthy place. 

In my opinion, Cradle to Cradle is an important certification to have in terms of products, especially when products are in a household with children. What many people do not realize is how many toxins are released into the atmosphere when the products are just placed on a shelf. This organization also does a lot by self promoting on their own standards. Although they do not do a very good job at promoting themselves because they are only funded by donations but are slowly expanding themselves worldwide from the United States.

Kimeley Kan

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