(Yoonhye Kim) Bandages made of edible starch- dissolve on your skin once you’re healed

Bandages are a neccessary item that you need to put on when you get hurt. But once the scar is heal, you have to take it out. Because of its sticky material that is put on the skin, when you take them out it hurts. Something you don’t want to have when you still have a scar on your body. However, this new technology of strch fibers woven into a bandage allows itself to be dissolve on your skin once your scar is healed. This material can be woven into may other different matierials such as paper and more. This bandage would be melted into glucose when it gets absorbed by the body. The material itself would have degradable function into the body, so there is no waste left. Bandages are made of plastic to elastic, theses materials are not easy to recycle, especially because the bandages contain blood and may contain infection that the user had. If this material can be obsorbed into the body, there will be less waste, which will be good for the environment.




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