(Yoonhye Kim) Bananas as 3D printing material

This article is about a person that have used bananas as 3D printing material. As someone who have used 3D print before. Using organic materials to 3D print sounded amazing. For personal experience, i always thought that only limited types of material could be used for 3D printing, but use of banana to 3D print opened many possibilities of what 3D printing could print. Even though the author did not agree that Banana is a good material for 3D print. The fact that even organic material can be used was interesting.

There seem to be many products that are created from organic material. Use of organic materials were not so possible in the previous days due to its short lifetime and weak structure of the product. But now in the present time the new technology have allowed us to use these materials more efficiently. Organic materials do not affect the environment in a bad way, but its always good to reuse any material that will be thrown into the waste. It would be interesting to use other organic material to use as a 3D printing material.




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