Cross Laminated Timber

A primary benefit of Cross Laminated Timber is it’s the ability to implement CNC technology and 3D models into the design phase.  This can lead to optimization in material handling as well as reduction on waste.  Precision cutting and the ability to recapture waste cut allows additional dimensions of sustainability. Similar to laser cutting, the … Continue reading

Stabilized Aluminum Foam

Alusion, a division of CYMAT Technologies Ltd, manufactures Stabilized Aluminum Foam in Toronto. Stabilized Aluminum Foam can be used both on interiors and exteriors providing a metallic but organic finish.  Applications are not limited as it can be used both horizontally on ceilings as well as hung vertically on walls. The product appearance comes in … Continue reading

Warm Sensation

This natural products are 5x stronger than quartz and when back-lit, it creates a very warm, modern feeling to the space. This translucent product seems and feels like stone, and is available in the market for 160$-190$ per SF installed. This products is used for different application such as countertops, wall cladding, and so on.

3D Knit: Kobleder 3d Knit Kobleder Jasmine So

Tegris LM-Impact Resistance

Tegris is a material that is made out of 100% recyclable polypropylene composites which gives it a high impact resistance. The combination of polypropylene tape yarn and the polymer matrix core are both made purely from polypropylene which allows the materials to be fully recycled. Tegris is available in many different colours, finishes, thicknesses, weave … Continue reading

Green doesn’t look green

Green doesn’t look green. By AHMAD KHAN As many manufacturers using the color green to represent that their product is environmental friendly and consumers are falling into their tricks. For example, the Green Pepsi doesn’t mean its sustainable or environmental friendly. It is just means it is less poisoning. But “Be Green Packaging” makes consumer … Continue reading

Waste Land.

Brazilian artist Vik Muniz uses recycled garbage to make art and then photographs the result and sells the portraits. He decides to travel to Jardim Gramacho, which is the world’s largest garbage landfill. His objective is to collect as much recycled material as possible so that he can use it to create art. While he … Continue reading

Burlap high-pressure decorative laminate

You can easily order free samples on their website Here is the data sheet for the product Here are some beautiful applications for their product Jasmine So

Prosolve370e – a smog eating material

As smog and pollution being a part of everyday life in most cities around the world, the hospital Torre de Especialidades in notoriously smoggy Mexico City is doing something about it. Everyday, the facade itself neutralizes the polluting effect of 1000 cars. The facade is built up by modules in a pattern that reminds you … Continue reading

Art Of Board

These tiles can be used on almost any surface including: wall coverings, bar tops, tables, backsplashes, art pieces or even on outdoor walls.   Each tile is completely unique because they are made from old skateboards. ART OF BOARD collects old skateboards and turns them in to artisan tiles. I Ride I Recycle This company … Continue reading