LIGHTBEN Kaos 3D Black

LIGHTBEN KAOS 3D BLACK   <——- Link to my poster

The LIGHTBEN Kaos 3D Black offers lightweight stiffness to various applications. Its unique appearance is used for horizontal and vertical surfaces, room dividers, walls, doors, sliding doors, ceilings, furniture, and shelving. The LIGHTBEN Kaos 3D black is very easy to cut and can be applied easily standard profiles or systems such as frames, handles, or hinges. The manufacturing company Bencore offers different types of edges such as rounded edges, extended edges, and sharp edges in order to suit the various interior challenges. Bencore also offers different types of joinery systems to create long span walls both linear and curved.

Random array of black cylindrical polycarbonate tubes all bonded between two clear acrylic sheets.Polycarbonate is a high performance plastic contributing substantially to the eco-efficient manufacture and sustainable use of numerous valuable products. Articles made from polycarbonate have a long life and can be used many times if appropriate. Polycarbonate 5 gallon reusable water bottles can be refilled over 100 times before being mechanically recycled.When viewed perpendicularly it is transparent, and when viewed at an angle of 30o or more the panel becomes opaque. The LIGHTBEN Kaos 3D Black comes with two different finishes: glossy or satin.

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