Poopoo paper.

Poopoopaper is a company, which crafts from books to cards to note box. The company production is handcrafted, natural, recycled, odder-less, unique paper made from animal waste (poo). These papers are made from different fibre eating vegetarian animals such as elephants, cows, horses, moose panda and etc. The animals who eat a lot of vegetation and product a lot of waste (poo); which serves as the base of raw material to create papers. The company want to promote eco-friendly and sustainable product for those companies or people who want to choose green or commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly business practices. The company produces promotional products for companies in banking, pharmaceuticals, bio-technology, event management, oil and gas, dairy, equine, alternative energies, agriculture and others. The company mission is:

  1. to design and craft paper, stationery and lifestyle products in a sustainable way so that they are both ecologically mindful and commercially viable.
  2. offer products that convey positive and hopeful messages that are both inspiring and optimistic.
  3. build a company that provides opportunity and security for our staff that adheres to sensible fair trade principles.
  4. support worthwhile causes and organizations that advocate for our natural environment.
  5. to always be part of the solution and not a part of the problem.

The company process is doesn’t uses much energy as other paper mill company which uses trees to produce papers and other products.

Ahmad Khan


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