Vegetable Paper Display


Vegetable Paper

100% Edible

100% Biodegradable

100% Beautiful

Made by Geke Wouters

Manufactured in The Netherlands



Suggested Uses:

  • use to wrap food
  • decorative
  • marketing
  • anything else you can imagine

Geke is a designer from the Netherlands. She makes all of the vegetable paper through a drying process. Some of the papers are also made with fruit. Geke transforms the 2D paper in to 3D forms such as bowls, cups and lighting fixtures. The material can also be purchased in its sheet form for other designers and artists to use. She views this paper as “redesigning gifts of nature”-Geke Wouters

The paper is made of tomato, carrot, leek, pepper and many other vegetables and fruits. It is meant to be used indoors and will biodegrade over time. This paper is not meant for long-term use. Each piece of paper may vary slightly in colour and structure.

Laura Mitchell

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