Wool Bricks_ Surim Kim

Wool bricks

Wool bricks by Galán-Marín et al.

In terms of building construction, bricks are the most used selections all around the world. Spanish and Scottish researchers have combined wool with clay material used in the bricks, alginate conglomerate, and a natural polymer found in the cell walls of seaweed. Throughout their study, the test result of strength of the wool bricks, it is 37% stronger than other bricks made using unfired stabilised earth. It is also proved and increased the possibility of making more or the most eco and environmentally-friendly, non-toxic, and sustainable construction materials. Moreover, the wool bricks can be made without firing which means it is energy saving like air, soil,and fuel. . According to the authors: “This is a more sustainable and healthy alternative to conventional building materials such as baked earth bricks and concrete blocks”.


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