Zeoform is a material made from cellulose fibers and water. The company’s patented process converts cellulose fibers into a strong molding material that can take an unlimited number of forms. The materials is 100% non-toxic, so much so that the materials base pulp is safe for human consumption. Most importantly the cellulose material is biodegradable and compostable. The cellulose fibers used in the material can be derived from agricultural bio-waste, renewable crops such as hemp and any other clean recycled cellulose material.

Zeoform can be produced into a range of densities comparable to Styrofoam all the way to dense wood material such as ebony. The material can be made to have a wide variety of finishes and patterns through the addition and combination of dyes, minerals, substrates, sand, cement, carbon, Kevlar and other substances, which can also add strength, flexibility, resilience, conductivity and waterproofing qualities.

Zeoform and similar cellulose fiber materials will in the near future replace the petroleum-based plastics in many of our products today. The company states that the material will fully decompose in the right conditions in +/- 12 months, replacing plastics with such a material would relieve many environmental strains caused by the non bio-degradability of petroleum plastics.


Zeo_Chair_Header-e1404702133922 Zeo_Speakers_Header-e1404701944115 ZeoDidges_Header-e1404701828466 ZeoDrums_Header

Post by: Suomi Treszczynski


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