Prosolve370e – a smog eating material

As smog and pollution being a part of everyday life in most cities around the world, the hospital Torre de Especialidades in notoriously smoggy Mexico City is doing something about it. Everyday, the facade itself neutralizes the polluting effect of 1000 cars.


The facade is built up by modules in a pattern that reminds you of corals, and is designed to maximize the surface area, since it is the surface that gets the job done. The modules, each about 1.1 square meter in size, are all made from a lightweight thermoformed fire-rated ABS plastic shell, and coated with a superfine layer of titanium dioxide (TiO2). When combined with sunlight, the TiO2 neutralize the pollutants in the air into harmless amounts of water and carbon dioxide. The coating brakes down pollutants such as NOx (nitrogen oxides) and VOCs (volatile organic compounds).


”This is the nano photocatalytic version of conventional TiO2 commonly used as pigment and already known for its self-cleaning and germicidal qualities.”, writes the developers, Germany-based Elegant Embellishments on their website.

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Written by: Kajsa Logan-Müller


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