Green doesn’t look green


Green doesn’t look green. By AHMAD KHAN

As many manufacturers using the color green to represent that their product is environmental friendly and consumers are falling into their tricks. For example, the Green Pepsi doesn’t mean its sustainable or environmental friendly. It is just means it is less poisoning. But “Be Green Packaging” makes consumer products in foodservice items from plate to bowl to cups, which are environmental friendly. Products are made from the pulp that contains mix of rapidly renewable grasses and fibers, including bulrush, bagasse, bamboo, wheat stalk and kenaf. The company is continually search for more efficient, batter technology to produce raw materials, which are free from harmful chemicals and safer for environment. Moreover, they educate their stakeholder, employees, suppliers and communities where they do business about the environment, packaging and waste streams. The company eliminate the use of forested and petroleum based raw materials. They believe that by using healthy packaging is a simplest way to reduce our carbon footprint. The company is committed to full life cycle of their product from production to waste. Once, it is in the landfill it turns into soil.


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