Waste Land.

Brazilian artist Vik Muniz uses recycled garbage to make art and then photographs the result and sells the portraits. He decides to travel to Jardim Gramacho, which is the world’s largest garbage landfill. His objective is to collect as much recycled material as possible so that he can use it to create art. While he is there, he begins to form a bond with the garbage pickers that are assisting him. Muniz himself was born and raised in Brazil and travelled to America after he was given money by someone who mistakenly shot him. He decides to give back to the community and assist the garbage pickers in improving their lives. Once Muniz has collected enough garbage, he completes his art and photographs the result. He then travels to London, England and sells the portraits in an auction. With the money from the auction, Muniz travels back to Gramacho and opens a learning centre, library, a truck and equipment for the garbage pickers that assisted him. His aim is to assist people in the region through education which in the long term will allow them to improve their standard of living and live a better life. The garbage pickers benefit greatly from the library and learning centre which allows them to leave Gramacho.Waste-Land-007

By Ahmad Khan


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