Stabilized Aluminum Foam

Alusion, a division of CYMAT Technologies Ltd, manufactures Stabilized Aluminum Foam in Toronto. Stabilized Aluminum Foam can be used both on interiors and exteriors providing a metallic but organic finish.  Applications are not limited as it can be used both horizontally on ceilings as well as hung vertically on walls.

The product appearance comes in two densities where light may refract between the irregular meshing.
Various thicknesses of the product offer mechanical energy absorption as well as acoustical and thermal insulation properties.  The pressurized bubbled aluminum can be continuously recycled with no degradation to the core material.

The process of manufacturing occurs by injecting air mixed with insoluble particles into a foam mould. The moulting aluminum is blasted by the air to produce a foam-like structure that can be produced at various densities.  The 3-D Casting Technology can also utilize low pressure casting to produce the same foam into 3-D shapes.

Cleaning of the product may be achieved by vacuuming the face of the panels. In the case where Alusion is applied as an exterior, it may be washed. Its porous characterises does not make it suitable for antimicrobial environments, but does provide a high tech or futuristic look for office lobbies or other walls that have low pedestrian contact.


Alusion Poster


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