Cork Flooring

Filling every nook and cranny of the building, flooring is an integral part of interior designing. Each and every flooring tells a story or a situation unique to its own. Whether they are soft, hard, shiny, matte, bumpy, smooth, flat, or textured, every flooring characteristics are mostly determined from the materials they are made out of. Some … Continue reading

Learning from Termites

We often think that termites destroy buildings and not help construct them, however, the Eastgate Building located in Harare, Zimbabwe is able to cool itself without a source of energy. The Eastgate Building, designed by Mick Pearce modeled the building after the self-cooling termite mounds of Macrotermes michaelseni that are able to maintain temperatures within … Continue reading

IKEA Audit Report

EnvironmentalAuditReport < Contains the original document and the references   This year’s environmental audit report is focused on IKEA, a multinational company responsible for production and sales of minimalism furniture and everyday appliances. As of August 2015, IKEA operates 373 stores in 47 different countries. They are responsible for approximately 1% of commercial product wood consumption. IKEA … Continue reading

Boo Bicycle

Boo Bicycle <—- Click here for more information At Boo Bicycle, the bicycle is hand crafted and customized to fit the cyclist’s needs. The Boo Bicycle is crafted from naturally grown bamboo trees. The bamboo is a composite model resulting in sustainability and durability. The bamboo is comprised of lignin and vascular bundles. Lignin is a … Continue reading

Mushroom Kingdom

Mushroom Material, is a natural material that is derived from the combination of mycelium and agricultural waste. It is created and designed by Evocative design LLC, located in the USA.  It is all natural and can be decomposed from your home. The mushroom material can be created once mycelium and agricultural waste comes into contact. … Continue reading


NYLOBOARD < Link to the poster Known for its non-reclaimable waste, colossal amount of carpets get tossed into the landfill. Method for extracting the carpet fiber from the backing have existed since the 2000. The backing, which is made of polypropylene was recyclable, but not the same for the carpet fiber. Nyloboard was born from a chemical … Continue reading

No Room for Mushrooms – Medite Tricoya Extreme

Poster < Link to the project poster With new technology, the Medite Tricoya Extreme is able to remove the barrier that previous MDF panels faced and set a new standard for MDF applications. The Medite Tricoya Extreme is manufactured by the Coillte Panel Products. They are known for their unique MDF products, and the Medite Tricoya Extreme is … Continue reading

Display case: Coconut resin

By: Kajsa Logan-Müller To make plastic, or a polymer, you have to combine a dry filler with a liquid monomer. By replacing the often petroleum based filler material with leftover husks from the coconut-industries, it creates a fully biodegradable polymer. More than being a viable alternative to other, non-degradable plastics, this creates another source of … Continue reading

MIC Display – JavaJute

Java Jute by Maya Romanoff “Java Jute has a modern feel while utilizing ancient weaving techniques. Each strand of kenaf, a rapidly renewable reed, is hand‑dyed before it is woven on antique wooden looms—artfully crafting a surfacing material with subtle and fluid colorations.” Click this link for poster PDF : java jute Post by Suomi … Continue reading

Patagonia Men’s 100% Polyester Tech Fleece Environmental Audit

The Men’s 100% Polyester Tech Fleece is made of Bluesign approved polyester and manufactured in Thailand. Bluesign Technologies Bluesign Technologies is a company based in Switzerland that works with manufacturers and brands in quality control and environmental safety. The company reviews the entire textile supply chain and sets standards to ensure that the product has … Continue reading