Display Case: Mushroom Packaging

mushroom material display2-01 12226414_10153796952350152_148203104_n

‘Mushroom Material’ is a renewable, natural and home-compostable material that acts as an alternative to plastic foams like expanded polystyrene (Styrofoam) or expanded polyethylene. ‘Mushroom Packaging’ is a sustainable solution for protective packaging created by ‘Evocative’, a leading biomaterials company. This product is cost and performance competitive with conventional plastic foams. ‘Mushroom Packaging’ is attractive, natural, and custom-designed for the product.


Sustainable Aspects:

‘Mushroom Materials’ are grown! The process combines mycelium (mushroom roots) with locally sourced agricultural waste at a manufacturing plant in New York. This allows ‘Mushroom Materials’ to be rapidly renewable. After product delivery, ‘Mushroom Packaging’ is easily compostable. With exposure to living organisms, such as those found in soil biota, and moisture, ‘Mushroom Materials’ can be completely biodegraded. This process fulfills the ‘cradle to cradle’ cycle.

‘Mushroom Material’ can replace traditional plastic packaging with an Earth-friendly alternative for almost any product. Below are some examples:

  • Industrial equipment
  • Electronics
    • Servers
    • Flat panel displays
    • Power supplies
    • Printers
  • Furniture
  • Box-in-box
  • Ceramics & glassware
  • Automotive components
  • Small coolers
  • Wine shippers

(Post by Alison Serjeant)


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