Design Inspired By Nature


Designer and architect Neri Oxman in this Ted Talk Video, Design at the intersection of Technology & Biology, explains some of her works created by interacting digital fabrication technologies with the biological world. In this talk, she elaborates the role of material engineering, additive manufacturing, computational design and Synthetic Biology to corporate into design world. Below are the summary of three projects done by Neri Oxman and her team collaborating with other designers.

1St Project:

The most abandoned Bio-polymer in the nature is Chitan, find in shrimp, butterflies, crap. she and her team create this transparent structure that can be made in variety of sizes up to 12’. This materials is made of water, grind shrimp shell combined with art of synthetic biology. At the end of life cycle they can be dissolved in water and nourish marine life, also, they can help to grow tree once it’s blend with soil.

2nd Project:

For Paris Fashion show, she created this 3D-printed skirt by combining these 2 bacteria’s ( Cyanobacteria & E.coli), and interact them for the 1st time. By controlling the flow of these bacteria’s, and creating a channel that resemble digestive tract, they were able to grow these channels on the human’s boy. These life-sustain elements can make a revolution in clothes design.

3rd Project:

The Silk Pavilion is an experiment based on digital & biological fabrication and inspired by the silkworm’s skill to create cocoon. This structure is made of silk threads laid out by robot arms, and filled up with the help of silkworms. 6500 silkworms spumed around the structure made of silk threats, and reinforced the gaps.


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