Patagonia Men’s 100% Polyester Tech Fleece Environmental Audit

The Men’s 100% Polyester Tech Fleece is made of Bluesign approved polyester and manufactured in Thailand.

Bluesign Technologies

Bluesign Technologies is a company based in Switzerland that works with manufacturers and brands in quality control and environmental safety. The company reviews the entire textile supply chain and sets standards to ensure that the product has minimized environmental impact.

The Footprint Program

Patagonia’s website features a program called The Footprint Program that shows people about Patagonia’s company practices through supply chain transparency.

Polyester Material

Polyester is made by reacting terephthalic acid with ethylene glycol, both which are derived from petroleum. Patagonia works with Japanese manufacturer group Teijin, who use a closed loop polyester recycling program that produces polyester fibres of equal quality of that from virgin polyester. However the Men’s 100% Polyester Tech Fleece is not listed as made of recycled polyester.

Product Care Services

Patagonia provides customers with detailed care guides on how to maintain their products on their website. The tips provided by Patagonia help consumers extend the life of their garments and reduce the rate at which waste is produced.

Post by Suomi Treszczynski


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