No Room for Mushrooms – Medite Tricoya Extreme

Poster < Link to the project poster

With new technology, the Medite Tricoya Extreme is able to remove the barrier that previous MDF panels faced and set a new standard for MDF applications.

The Medite Tricoya Extreme is manufactured by the Coillte Panel Products. They are known for their unique MDF products, and the Medite Tricoya Extreme is a more sturdy and resistant version of what they normally produce.

Through extensive performance testing, the panel’s durability is known to be equal to teak, and more than oak, in which the research was done by Building Research Establishment (BRE) in the UK. Sweden’s SP Wood Technology has also tested for the product’s ability to resist wood destroying basidiomycetes.

The product is eco-friendly throughout the manufacturing process. It is non-toxic, environmentally compatible method based on wood acetylation. This involves Acetic Anhydride, which is also vinegar before it was diluted.

More information about the actual application of the material and manufacturing process can be found within the poster.

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