NYLOBOARD < Link to the poster

Known for its non-reclaimable waste, colossal amount of carpets get tossed into the landfill.

Method for extracting the carpet fiber from the backing have existed since the 2000. The backing, which is made of polypropylene was recyclable, but not the same for the carpet fiber.

Nyloboard was born from a chemical engineer under Georgia Tech who have found a way to encapsulate the carpet fiber with resin system for the purpose of making structural building materials.

Nyloboard is a PVC free building materials that are created from recycled carpet fibers. The company currently manufactures the carpet fiber into three different applications: NyloDeck, NyloSheet, and NyloPorch.

The most outstanding quality of this material is the physical and visual durability. Since it is not a traditional wood material, the product will last through all season without having to reapply coatings or seals.

The product also comes with various sizes and colour scheme to suit all needs.

Blog by Carl Jo


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