Boo Bicycle

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At Boo Bicycle, the bicycle is hand crafted and customized to fit the cyclist’s needs. The Boo Bicycle is crafted from naturally grown bamboo trees. The bamboo is a composite model resulting in sustainability and durability. The bamboo is comprised of lignin and vascular bundles. Lignin is a corpulent material that insulate the vascular bundles. The vascular components transport water and nutrients resulting in the bamboo tree to grow. The combination of these two different components create a stiff and strong material that can be used for bicycle frames. Due to the fibrous vascular bonds bamboo is an excellent vibration absorbing material.

The process for a Boo Bicycle is an intensive and lengthy process, however, if crafted properly the rewards is a stiff, nimble, and confident bike. The bamboo is first grown and matured to a certain age and harvested in a private plantation in Vietnam. A bamboo tree is selected depending on the overall health, and are then cut and sun-dried for a long period of time. The selected bamboos are then soaked in a borax solution to protect the poles from any bug infestation. Boo Bicycle is like a tailor, where people are first measured to satisfy different needs. After being measured, a bike is designed and sent to Vietnam to selectively choose bamboo components and are prepared for the crafting process. Boo frames are constructed using a tube-to-tube method. All bamboo frames are hand cut and chiselled to fit perfectly together.  The bike is finally hand crafted and finished with a clear lacquer. The average time to create a Boo Bicycle is 40-50 hours of labour construction.

The Boo Bicycle may not have a reusable feature; but, reduces the energy to produce the materials required when creating a normal bicycle drastically. Steel, carbon, titanium, aluminum are all durable and nimble materials. However, bamboo is naturally grown and share similar capabilities to it’s competitors. Bamboo is rigid, durable, and light-weight and provides a smooth ride in any situation.

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