Mushroom Kingdom

Mushroom Material, is a natural material that is derived from the combination of mycelium and agricultural waste. It is created and designed by Evocative design LLC, located in the USA.  It is all natural and can be decomposed from your home. The mushroom material can be created once mycelium and agricultural waste comes into contact. Once the mixture is mixed, mycelium is given time to grow within the agricultural waste creating a matric of white fibers along the way. The particles are broken down once the mycelium has coated the agricultural waste. The broken particles are put into a tool where the mycelium grows, filling every  space creating a solid structure. The material is then dried to prevent growth and further growth of mushrooms or spores. The material is all natural and can be decomposed at home easily. To decompose this material, just like any other decomposing organism it needs to be exposed to living organisms, such as soil biota and moisture. Mushroom material will not decompose in a home or warehouse.


  • High performing
  • Cost competitive
  • Compostable at home
  • Rapidly renewable
  • Custom designed and molded
  • Not derived from petroleum or food
  • Fire resistant
  • VOC free
  • Buoyant

Mushroom Kingdom <—— Check out the poster

Justin In


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