Jason Dressler – Brothers Dressler

Jason Dressler who is a material-based designer of Brothers Dressler came to our class on the 26th of October to talk to us about the work that they do. The produce a variety of wood based furniture ranging from your typical furniture of seating, tables, lighting, storage, and beds to special projects such as bars, … Continue reading

Enviromental Audit Report – Ford Motor Company

The Ford Motor Company was founded in 1903 by Henry Ford, who revolutionized consumerism, and is now one of the largest automotive manufacturing company and a leader in the field of sustainability. In the past decade, Ford has gone through drastic changes in regard to sustainability from their use of materials, manufacturing techniques, and waste … Continue reading

Cabinet Display- NAFI Natural

Fiber – NAFI Natural NAFI Natural is a fiber panel that is made with post-consumer recycled polymers, and fibers such as jute, and hemp which are both rapidly renewable resources. Mixed with a bio-based resin, these architectural panels comes in both a rigid and semi-rigid form. When mixed with a water based acrylic resin, it … Continue reading

Environmental Audit: IKEAs BILLY bookcase

By Kajsa Logan-Müller BILLY A life cycle analysis The BILLY bookcase from IKEA is one of the brands most popular pieces of furniture, that over the course of the past 36 years has been sold in over 41 million copies all over the world. To say that they are copies is a bit of a lie … Continue reading


Cork is a truly fascinating material. It can be found in our everyday lives as wine stoppers, pet habitats and pin boards. The material has become more popular and is being used as flooring and in fashion. Cork shoes have been popular and now there is even cork fabric being used on purses and clothing. … Continue reading

Audit Report- Engagement Ring

De Beers Jewellery Company are the reason we buy diamond engagement rings, they started an ad campaign in the 1930’s that has since been considered one of the most successful ad campaigns in history. Overall the company has had a lot of issues. The company, up until 1999, was still purchasing conflict diamonds. They have … Continue reading

Brothers Dressler

On October 26th our class welcomed Jason Dressler from ‘Brothers Dressler’ to discuss his furniture studio. Brothers Dressler creates custom and limited edition pieces ranging from furnishings, lighting, objects and special projects. Jason explained that Brothers Dressler uses sustainably sourced materials, focusing primarily on wood and metal details. Many of their pieces utilize found/reclaimed materials … Continue reading

The Gap: Environmental Audit

It is near impossible to gather a transparent image of what is actually and currently happening throughout a Gap Inc. product’s life cycle, from inception (material sourcing and manufacturing) to culmination (after usage). The Gap Inc. has been involved in a multitude of scandals, including the infamous Rana Plaza garment factory collapse in Bangladesh. An … Continue reading

Cabinet Display Week 12(Surim Kim)

Ceramics- Recycled China Applications: Interior and exterior wall surfaces, for plant pots and other durable forms. Recycled china tiles and forms are made with some discarded wastes like bricks, glass, and porcelains with recycled aluminum in northern Beijing. The materials are crushed down by machines but some artists are participating to contribute their talents in processes … Continue reading

Nuclear Energey

The world’s population will probably reach 10 billion people within this century, raising the demand for by 2020. Meeting these requirements will require every energy source available. The greenhouse effect occurs when some of the sun’s energy is trapped in the earth’s atmosphere. This is a natural occurrence, mainly due to the presence of water … Continue reading