Garmento Board

Germento-Board.jpgGarmento Board, designed by Yuttana Anothaisintawee, is an innovative way of looking at consumed fabric. Constructed by 100% post consumer denim fabric, the panels can be used as window displays, interior decorations, wall panels and in furniture. Produced in Thailand, denim cotton is mixed with PDMI adhesive and then pressed together to create the panels. These panels come in 300mm by 300mm squares, each 25 mm thick.


There are many ways to look at materials and the decomposition of them. Garmento boards is a clear example of upcycling garments and recreating the purpose of one material to another. Upcycling, an underrated ideology, is a fast and easy way to reduce waste. If more things can be used to be upcycled it may become a trend in society and stop the amount of waste one produces. As they say, one persons waste, is another’s treasure.





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