Levi’s Environmental Audit Summary

Levi Strauss Co is a well-known brand in jean’s industry. They operates in 110 countries under three different brand names;

  • Levi’s
  • Dockers
  • Levi Strauss Signature
  • Denizen

Levi’s & Co created their first Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in 2007. ). In this study, Levi Strauss & Co focused on primarily on Company’s US production and water and energy impact in two areas:

  • Cotton Cultivation
  • Consumer’s Care

They have focused on product’s attributes and different aspects such as; Cotton Production, Fabric Production, Garment Manufacturing, Packaging , Sundries, Transportation & Distribution, Consumer Care, End of Life.



In this study, they have considered critical factors such as climate change, water intake, water consumption, Eutrophication, land occupation, and abiotic depletion. A life Cycle of a pair of Levi’s 501 jeans is consist of different phases; raw materials, intermediate production , apparel production, product packaging, retail, use phase, and end of life. Moreover, transportation, distribution and waste is part of all these phases.


Levi’s have been actively working on their sustainability plans and water control programs and They have been definitely one of the prominent leader in their industry regarding to water control and sustainability. Water<Less campaign and Tag for Care are some of their innovative works regarding to sustainability and consumer care.

They have been number one green jean on tree hugger’s list, also they’ve been names as Number one in jean’s category by Good Guide Apparel Ranking. If I would rate this company, I’d give 7.5 of 10. They still have many issues with environment and materials, however, they’ve been working to improve their materials, climate change, and improve the worker’s life.


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