Nuclear Energey


The world’s population will probably reach 10 billion people within this century, raising the demand for by 2020. Meeting these requirements will require every energy source available.

The greenhouse effect occurs when some of the sun’s energy is trapped in the earth’s atmosphere. This is a natural occurrence, mainly due to the presence of water vapor in the air but when there is an imbalance due to raising greenhouse emission from high human activity, it causes global warming. Reduction of greenhouse gas emission will solve the imbalance that has be set in place. This can be done by encouraging energy conservation and promoting the use of non-emitting renewable energies and nuclear power. In France, for example, the country’s reliance on nuclear power has resulted in a carbon dioxide (CO2) gas emission rate that is 10 times lower than that of Germany, where nuclear power represents only 30% of electricity production, and 13 times lower than that of Denmark, which has no nuclear power program. Globally, if nuclear power plants were replaced by coal-fired plants, carbon dioxide emissions would increase by 2.3 billion tons per year.

After oil, coal and gas, nuclear power is fourth among the world’s primary energy sources. In 2012, there were 441 reactors in operation worldwide, USA leading with 104 reactors, more than one fourth of global capacity. Electricity from nuclear energy represents 78% of the production in France, 57% in Belgium, 46% in Sweden, 40% in Switzerland, 39% in South Korea, 34% in Japan, 30% in Germany, 30% in Finland, 26% in Spain, 22% in Great Britain, 20% in the United States and 16% in Russia. (Source: 2002 Nuclear Power Statistics, International Atomic Energy Agency)





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