Audit Report- Engagement Ring

De Beers Jewellery Company are the reason we buy diamond engagement rings, they started an ad campaign in the 1930’s that has since been considered one of the most successful ad campaigns in history. Overall the company has had a lot of issues. The company, up until 1999, was still purchasing conflict diamonds. They have also been in multiple lawsuits for price fixing diamonds; which has a negative effect on our economic sustainability.

The company itself has been working to improve their standards and environmental effects in the recent past and has done a good job working on social issues. The ring itself is also durable and meant to last a lifetime, it can be taken apart and both materials can be re-used. However, the product itself will never be sustainable because of the materials used. The mining practices need to stop.Gold mining is one of the leading source of mercury release in the world, this occurs when the gold is extracted from the ore.Diamond mining involves removing large amount of soil from the area and completely changes its landscapes and biodiversity. The company could start using recycled gold and diamonds exclusively or begin using alternative materials. Overall this product has many negative effects on the environment.

  • Laura Mitchell

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