Cork is a truly fascinating material. It can be found in our everyday lives as wine stoppers, pet habitats and pin boards. The material has become more popular and is being used as flooring and in fashion. Cork shoes have been popular and now there is even cork fabric being used on purses and clothing. At least part of it’s popularity is due to it being a sustainable material, but what makes it sustainable?

Cork is a completely natural material which is grown as as bark on a cork oak tree. This means it is biodegradable and has minimal manufacturing. The most interesting part about the sustainability of cork is the harvesting. Each cork tree can be harvested every nine years without harming the tree. The harvesting is also done completely by by hand with only axes, no machines used. To find out more about this sustainable harvesting practice watch the video below, and start thinking about more ways you can use cork in your everyday life.

  • Laura Mitchell



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