Jason Dressler – Brothers Dressler


Jason Dressler who is a material-based designer of Brothers Dressler came to our class on the 26th of October to talk to us about the work that they do. The produce a variety of wood based furniture ranging from your typical furniture of seating, tables, lighting, storage, and beds to special projects such as bars, whole dining areas, sculptures, and even unique store fronts.

Jason talked about how they source most of their materials from locally reclaimed timber whenever possible and to produce as little waste as humanly possible. Working with the materials they have, they shape the design of the piece around the materials in order to bring out the natural features that it possesses. Their work have a unique style as they allow the material to be the main focus it their work which give the limited edition pieces each their own little unique story tell.

Their work can be found on http://brothersdressler.com/


Posted by: Hei Chan



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