Plant based alternative to leather

By: Salla Tanskanen   As fashionable as leather is, it unfortunately is not exactly environmentally friendly. The leather processing industry creates considerable amounts of solid waste and industrial sewage. For example from a metric ton of raw hides only a mere 200 kg of actual usable material is gained The rest 800kg are just waste … Continue reading


By: Tharanketha Kirupaneshan   Imagine a house that could fit in a suitcase or a wall that could become a window with the flick of a switch. A new material has been developed that could potentially make shape-shifting buildings a reality. This object’s configuration is inspired by an origami technique known as ‘snapology’, in which … Continue reading

Golden Orb spider silk

Though humans learned to spin silk very early from silk worms (as early as 3400 BC, the technique of spinning silk from spiders came during the  late 19th century. This method had all but perished  due to the inability to compete with the Chinese silk market produced from silk worm.Therefore the skill faded into obscurity … Continue reading

Morphotex by Tie-in

Morphotex manufactured by Tejin in Japan is an interesting innovative textile which plays off of light and requires no dyes or pigments while saving tones of water and energy. This biomimicry inspired textile plays on the micro-structure of the wind structure of  South American  Morpho butterfly. The Morpho butterfly is one of the largest in the world … Continue reading

Páramo Clothing – NIKWAX ANALOGY waterproof

I found Páramo to be a holistically a very interesting company. Inspired by natures natural abilities Páramo implements technologies to biomimic some of nature’s most impressive features.          Páramos Analogy pump liner mimics the actions of animal fur by pushing liquid/water outward to protect the wearer from rain condensation and perspiration while protecting … Continue reading