Golden Orb spider silk

Though humans learned to spin silk very early from silk worms (as early as 3400 BC, the technique of spinning silk from spiders came during the  late 19th century. This method had all but perished  due to the inability to compete with the Chinese silk market produced from silk worm.Therefore the skill faded into obscurity until business man Nicholas Godley and Textile expert Simon Peers created a silk textile piece using 1.2 million Golden Orb spiders. (started in 2003, textile completed in 2008)

It took over 8o women and men who had knowledge of spiders and weaving five years to complete

woven in an elaborate pattern know as “lamb akotifahana”. Lamb Akotifahana was a 19th century luxurious textile of the Madagascar Merina people.

This remarkable fibre is extremely light weight and unbelievably strong.Spider silk is one of the strongest materials in the natural world and possesses remarkable elasticity. Extensive research is being conducted into how spider silk can be implemented in both medical and military arenas.

Spider silk is now being harvested for the making of bulletproof clothing and shows to be superior to Kevlar, it is also being tested for other applications such as artificial tendons and surgical thread.

Spider silk has x5 the utensil strength of steel and x3 that of our best synthetic fibre.




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