Morphotex by Tie-in

Morphotex manufactured by Tejin in Japan is an interesting innovative textile which plays off of light and requires no dyes or pigments while saving tones of water and energy.

This biomimicry inspired textile plays on the micro-structure of the wind structure of  South American  Morpho butterfly. The Morpho butterfly is one of the largest in the world with wings that measure 5 to 8 inches. The exuberant colours of their wings is actually a result of microscopic overlapping scales that amplify certain wavelengths of light while cancelling out others.

Morphotex relies on fibre structure, light reflection, interference,refraction and scattering to produce the opalescence required. Morphotex is constructed of 60 polyester and nylon fibres placed in alternating layers and can vary in thicknesses to produce four basic colours: red, green, blue and violet.




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