Páramo Clothing – NIKWAX ANALOGY waterproof

I found Páramo to be a holistically a very interesting company. Inspired by natures natural abilities Páramo implements technologies to biomimic some of nature’s most impressive features.          Páramos Analogy pump liner mimics the actions of animal fur by pushing liquid/water outward to protect the wearer from rain condensation and perspiration while protecting and insulating.

Páramo also uses a directional micro-fibre outer shell to deflect the rain and wind. Inspired again by nature Páramo mimics the technical process exhibited by the transpiration activity of trees. Mimicking the stomata’s evaporation process (how stomata’s open/ close to release water vapour in the air)  and how water loss allows the plant to access carbon dioxide for photosynthesis, as well as to cool its self when mercury levels rise.

Páramo uses a treatment called NIKWAX which leaves paces between the elastic fibers, allowing them to remain open and breathable. The elastomer traps air next to the skin directing moisture away from the body and prevents external moisture from entering.

Working against planned obsolescence Páramo supports ethical  long-term manufacturing partnering with a columbian charitable organization to provided employment and  assistance to venerable women and their families. Páramo offers an options to recycle your clothing into a closed loop cycle in which your old garment will be recycled into new fibres or they will find it a new home . If you send in a donation of your old unwanted garment Páramo will give you a $50.00 inshore credit to put towards a new piece of your choice.

Benefits of Páramo garments are the directional water repelling technology, its effectiveness in both high humidity and cold conditions. Páramo garments are easily repairable and are not compromised by  punctures. Páramo offers garments that are soft, strong, silent, durable and offers you an option to recycle your functional good into a closed loop system.



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